ImportChicks meet in Salem, Oregon

The #IMPORTCHICKS Summer fest in Salem, Oregon is an event that has been going on for a while now. These local events get everyone together which is great for the community of Imports and Automotive enthusiasts in general. Everything from Integra TypeR’s to Mercedes with Ford motor swaps. Bouncy houses, ear drum breaking base contests, Corvettes and food carts. It was all there. This event is neat and the boss Miranda Rodriguez does a great job. As the scene in the Pacific Northwest grows (which it certainly seems to be) this event is most likely going to get bigger and bigger. Here’s a few photos from the day. Although I brought my camera I usually spend too much time socializing and not enough time shooting.

@thatyellowek9 very nicely done 99 EK hatchback (with Miranda’s ITR). I believe it took home a Best of Show award this day. Interesting enough this show offered cash prizes along with an award, which is more rewarding in a sense than a huge mainstream show.

Devin Hosking @devin_oldskoolz is no stranger to any of the Pacific Northwest events. Whether it be at the racetrack, going to a meet or attending a show in Seattle.. His CR-X gets around. Ever evolving and now boasting a fully built motor with 700HP, this CR-X will have no problem passing the rich kids supercar at the track. Plans are in the works this winter for him to do a tear down and add just that much more to the car. It will be a good debut for 2019 with the car all refreshed.

Jerimiah Styles @miah_10 brought out his amazing GSR which has more Mugen parts than I can count. Every year he seems to be adding more and more rare or upgraded parts to his already immaculate DA.

On now to a few photos.

More of Jerimiah’s @miah_10 Integra. Big AP racing brake kit tucked nicely behind some Mugen M7’s. And of course the engine bay has too much to list. The Mugen Formula cover is enough on its own.

Devin’s CR-X nicely sitting on the ground.

Here’s that FORD motor swapped Mercedes. Looks completely stock until the hood is up. Pretty neat setup.

RPF1’s on a S2000 looking good.

Closing out with the Best of Show @thatyellowek9 and Jerimiah Styles “Mugen all over” Integra GSR.

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