Hawaii weekend Wekfest X AugustCascade Part. 2

Wekfest Hawaii was nothing short of amazing. Seeing awesome Hawaii builds, having conversations with old friends ,and being surrounded by amazing people. I wish it all could have lasted longer but there will always be another time. As of now Hawaii needs a motorsports complex to feed all of its motor-heads. Hopefully that happens soon so the candle is insured to never get extinguished.

Ok on to some photos of the day.

First off Salem putting down some lost art of Script writing.

The first two cars I saw and photographed at roll in. A beautiful Cobra and a wide body R32. Both very cool to see.

Joanna’s @j0_y car sitting silent while Joey @stickydiljoe wonders if the NSX chassis actually has a bad angle to be shot from. Could be a true story.

Kenneth @kenkatsu beautiful R patiently waiting to get out of the heat.

Jun Jo @junxjo brought out the RWB x VAST. Porsche for the event.  This car is equipped with everything on the planet including a passenger side surfboard mount. Pretty cool stuff.

Jun walked the Neal  Blaisdell Center with his surfboard scoping out a possible future indoor surf park.

Not true.

I had to throw this Vid screenshot in of the crew kinda just wondering what he was doing walking around with a surfboard. It was actually a prop for the the RWB Porsche.

RX-7 nuff said.

Ken @k_thewekfestelite sporting some fresh new @in4mation goods.

Big Dave @dpk_david stopping Alex @integraxtr at the gate while the previous cars get organized.


Lauren @renren_girl putting the final touches on Alex’s German machine.

Joanna’s NSX watching and waiting for the gates to open.

Kenneth’s ITR is very photogenic.

Toyota Supra’s. lots of muscle.

Jordan’s @jvst.jordan award winning Nissan.

Brandon’s @brandon.k fresh S2K

This Nissan was keeping things extreme.

Braxton’s @hbk_braxton Stree Monster K-series EK hatchback. He can back up every bit of it.

@keila_kitsu / @_rymanalo s14  getting the sticker game together.

Award winning VW.

Braxton putting the final touches on the EK before the show starts.

Gil @anarchy5 took home the AUGUSTCASCADE award this night. Given the the length of time he has been building cars and the quality of those builds made it only fitting for him to receive this award.  He’s a true original in the Hawaii import scene. Great job always Gil.

Gil’s time-locked EK Ferio fitted with Era correct aftermarket MUGEN goodies. Loved this car.

Roy @deadprezents and Aaron @trubzu brought out a vintage EF, a factory TE-CR-v and the ever so perfect FK .

It was nice to finally see this car in person. Very impressive.

Vintage Nissan Skyline’s are always an awesome site.

Some of the TEAMRICE / Ultraspeed lineup. This crew has been around since the early 2000’s. Gil actually brought out his old time capsule gold EG. It was amazing to see. Lots of memories.

Chunky S2k

Loving these WORK Meister S1’s.

It’s Mike if your Nasty @supermikenasty96789 . Always impressive NSX.

Randy’s @naito_nation perfectly prepped track/street EK. Very impressive machine.

Not sure if the owner knew how much attention their Cruiser got but it was alot, especially from the Wekfest Judging crew. It took home 1st place hardware in the end. A bucket list own for some of us.

Ok that’s a wrap for now. Thank you Hawaii.



PS: a very special thank you to Wekfest for an awesome weekend. You guys all rule.


Hawaii weekend Wekfest X AugustCascade Part. 1

My weekend started off at around 4:30am at the airport. First flight was out of Eugene, Oregon – LAX and then off to Hawaii. I typically don’t like waking up this early for anything, but this time it was special.

This will be a quick pictured filled Part.1 post. I tried to document as much as I could, but usually leave out a lot because it gets pretty repetitive. Enjoy the sites, and yes next post will have a ton of cars in it.

This was the first view of Oahu that appeared as we flew over. Quite fitting actually because that large green mountain area is Tantalus-Round top. The area where my parents used to live, and where some of Hawaii’s drifting was born.  It was nice to see.

Fresh off the plane from Shaun @originalriot_shaun picking me up, Aloha Tower.

The Rainbow norm.

First stop for eats I requested Curry House Ala Moana. I missed the simple Stewed Chicken Curry w/ cheeze, It didn’t disappoint.

Next was a quick run to @in4mation to see if an old friend was working. In4mation was also one of the collaboration Co. along with AugustCascade for the Wekfest event.

Wakiki Nights, stunning.

Ending the evening with some Leonard’s Malasadas courtesy of Alex and Lauren @integraxtr @renren_girl

The next morning we decided to go to Kaka’ako area, which has lots of cool new places for coffee, and a lot of amazing street art. 9Bar HNL @9barhnl for coffee hit the spot.

Ducking some sunshine for a moment in a random alley.

Remember I said I was looking for a friend at In4mation, well we randomly ran into each other while turning a corner. This is Jun @Junxjo, boss, owner and everything man at In4mation.  We were actually on the way to check out their second location. Its been at least a decade and a half since I’ve seen him. In my next post you’ll see the RWB Porsche he drives around when he needs a top down.

The store has an amazing amount of goods.

After the Store we went Chinatown mode, and walked around.

Time to go eat Rainbow’s drive-in. My staple plate lunch joint when I was growing up.

Shoju Chicken w/mac salad, and a Slush of course.

Wash it all down now.

See my CR-X made it!

We stayed in Waikiki like tourists. The best place hands down for some quick eats was Mitsuwa Market.

That night we headed back to China Town for “First Friday”.  We ran into a convoy of Chinese dragons celebrating and making noise, it was great. Even though it was raining they were still out banging drums and dancing.

Headed inside a random art space which actually turned out to be really neat.

Quick trip to Tantalus Round Top for the City lights between the rain. Always a great site to see day or night.

After all this artsy stuff, and scenic look outs, we went to our buddy Alex’s @integraxtr condo to see if his passion for the German motoring was all it was cracked up to be. Well to say the least his passion is “next level” for sure.  We were greeted with Jon’s @j_yosh M as well blocking in Alex’s older M coupe version. Both cars were perfect and awesome to see. Back when I was building cars in Hawaii, no one was seriously modding BMW’s (except Marcus Endless of course). Now everyone on in Hawaii seems to own one, crazy how that works.

Finishing up some late night hangs with our Canadian friends Steve @chinki_boi and Barbara @missbdl at Yokocho for some Ramen.

Alright enough of the Ramen, Part. 2 is all Wekfest .

aloha- Wayne


Short visual review of My Two Thousand Eighteen。

A short visual review of the CR-X in 2018.

This is the first photo I took of the CR-X at the beginning of 2018. The car still needed plenty of work, and I was feeling very behind schedule. At that point most of the fabrication work on the rollcage, and radiator mounts etc. were finished. I still had a ton of bodywork to do, and a bunch of parts to still acquire.

A few months before Wekfest Seattle in July is when most of the work was really getting done. So many late nights, and 10 hour days in the garage. It seems doable to build a car by yourself until your actually in the thick of it. I will be honest, I almost gave up on the deadline a couple of times, but somehow managed to pull through it.

Painting the engine bay was the first task, then the rollcage, and interior. I had to turn my tiny garage into a paint booth about a dozen times. Taping off and covering everything for paint, and then breaking it all down again. So I could finish working on another section. Eventually the whole car got painted, and the headache was over.

Once the bay was painted I started to assemble the engine bay things and threw the motor in. Mostly because I needed the room, and I also wanted to feel accomplishment from getting things put back together.

I would take the car outside and wet sand and buff flaws out. That seemed to be an endless task. Still to this day the car is not completely color sanded. It’s not a show car by any means, so it’s certainly not on high priority whats so ever. The car was built for the nostalgic purpose and to see the road.

When I got closer to the completion of body and paint my buddy Cooper (@coopakaskip) from C’s Customizing(@cscustomizing ) came over to lend a hand with some wiring. I wanted the engine harness to use all “period correct” plugs using all updated wires and loom. We completely took apart my old CR-X harness (from the 1991 white CRX) which used OBD1 plugs, and combined it with my OBD0 HF CR-X one. We were really happy with the results. It was so great to have someone to come over and help me with some of this stuff. I couldn’t have done it without him. When he left that weekend he took my WORK Meister S1’s  for restoration and powder coating. He completed my vision of what I wanted perfectly. I was super stoked on the result, and we then wrapped them in Advan Neova’s.

Not long after Cooper left it became crunch time for the car. I was going to get the CR-X as completed as I could for Wekfest. A couple days before the show my best bud Shaun (@augustcascade_shaun) flew over from Hawaii to help me finish up. We got as far as we could, loaded up the car on the trailer, and drove to Seattle.

6 hours later and almost 2 years in the making we were in Seattle. The show was the next day. We woke up early and arrived at Century Link Convention Center around 6:30am. Me, Shaun and Toto (@kidkombo) were pretty much the only people in the whole place besides the security and Wekfest staff. It was a pretty amazing moment. That morning I looked at the CR-X in an empty convention center and knew it was all worth it.

Right as we got in Joey (@stickydiljoe) immediately got to work with some photos and video. We had the whole place to ourselves, so we utilized every moment of the solitude. I’ll admit that it was a pretty surreal window in time that we all briefly shared. It could not have went any better.

With the debut of the CR-X plans were already in place to link up with old friends. Justin (kazuo_wfc) and Lance (Creators of TEAMRICE.ORG) made the journey and it was fantastic to see them. Still as mellow as the first time we met almost 20 years ago.

Fact of the day: This event was actually the first time I had put a car in a show since 2006. Its been a while.

After the show ended we all hung out and got the cars together for some photos. Jackie (@jklap1) and Ben’s (@nsxcrx) cars were two amazing builds that I looked forward to getting some photos with.

Another highlight of my year was having Anthony (@hybridworks_anthony) and Gemil (@sf.gee) from Hybridworks come up from the Bay Area to help me with my start up. Those guys are epic to say the least.

Here’s a rough video of the startup. Glad I was able to get some documentation of it.

And I will leave you with the last photo I took of the car this year. Just a simple engine bay photo.

Even though it took what seemed like forever to finish my build, it will still never be completely finished. We all never really stop tinkering with our Hot-rods.

I hope you all have a great 2019

Aloha- Wayne

AugustCascade / HYBRIDWORKS weekend

Haven’t posted on the blog for a while, so I figured this past weekend with Anthony and Gemil from HYBRIDWORKS would be a great opportunity to make one. I took some photos, and video for around 15 minutes total between two days. I’m ending up using about 95% of them for the blog, and YOUTUBE. I always regret not taking enough.

It was absolutely amazing having both of those gentlemen here to show their genius. I used to think I knew a lot about cars, but that thought ended around 20 minutes of them getting to work. We ran into quite a few hiccups during the days they were here, but they quickly resolved every single one of them.  Rather than write about the things that went wrong, I will write about what went good!  The start up went down with absolute ease and no real issues, basically first crack. After running for a bit Anthony, and Gemil worked out any kinks and now the engine purrs like a Lion.

The next session we do will concentrate on putting the power on the ground. Hopefully early next year, we all can get together again. Those two guys are the only ones I want touching my car, so I’ll be waiting for when ever they are ready. Until then, its great to have the CR-X finally moving under its own power and driveable.

On to some photos, video and descriptions:

Video of startup to moving under its own power.

These first four photos I took right before they arrived. I tried to have the car ready to go so they could work the magic.

Once the guys arrived they got straight to work. There were some things I didn’t have a chance to get done and they smashed right through the tasks.

Time for the fluids.

This photo was taken around 2am in the morning. This was right after the first startup. They wouldn’t finish until they reached a certain point in progress.

This is the next morning finishing up more loose ends. Timing, fuel pressure and idle.

Anthony working the magic on the Hondata S300.

We got the car on all fours to stretch its legs a bit. I was actually the one to pull the car out and drive first. It was a great feeling, and definitely brought back a lot of old memories of my past CR-X’s. Of course there was no photo of it. You would have only been able to see me smiling ear to ear anyway.

Non stop adjustment from the boys. It “has to be perfect”

The cord you see hanging outside in the above pictures is a wideband. For those who might not be familiar, it is a component that is crucial for measuring the air/fuel mixture of the motor.

Anthony gathering data from the wideband for the Hondata.

Here is the end of the weekend with the CR-X tucked back in my significantly insufficient sized garage.

And here we are at the end of a very successful weekend. All the thanks in the world to these two gentlemen. I couldn’t have done it without you.

One Perfect Lap by WTAC

If you are interested in “time attack” then the WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge) latest hardcover book might be for you. ‘One Perfect Lap’ is a fantastic book that covers the history of the famous Time Attacks Challenge in Sydney, Australia. From its beginning, to present time. The book produces a healthy amount of great writing and detailed photos.

I was not able to attend this epic annual event. I celebrated it instead by grabbing the book. It was released around the time of the event. Maybe someday I will be able go but until then there has been plenty of great coverage digitally. Congratulations to WTAC on the book and all the fantastic events over the years. Hoping for many more years of success.

From the website www.worldtimeattack.com

“ONE PERFECT LAP – The Wild History of World Time Attack Challenge
132 pages Hard Cover

Thats right we have made a book! And it will be released at WTAC 2018!

This is a pictorial history of the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge featuring a year-by-year narration of all of your favourite cars and stars starting right back in 2008 at the very first Superlap event when it was at the now defunct Oran Park circuit, right up to the 2017 WTAC event where the fastest pro cars are knocking on the door of the outright lap record at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Our CEO Ian Baker takes you through all the tales and tribulations of how this event has grown from a simple, one-day, grassroots event to a multi-day international phenomenon that is not only the largest time attack event in the world, but also one of the largest motorsport events in Australia today.

See the evolution of time attack over the years from simple tuner cars to insane aerodynamic monsters designed by some of the smartest brains in the business. With the top cars now running lap times faster than most open wheel race cars, teams from all around the world converge on Sydney Motorsport Park to battle for the title of World Time Attack Challenge Champion.

As well as detailed year by year chronicle there are also never before seen photographs and detailed features of many of the hero cars we have bought over the years including the Mazda 767B, Pagani Huyara BC, Ferrari F40, Rod Millen’s Pikes Peak rocket and much much more.

We have whole chapters showcasing the drifting over the years from it’s infancy as a lunchtime sideshow right up until its current day format as a drift / time attack double header event featuring some of the best talent from around the globe.

There is a dedicated Hall of Fame sections taking a detailed look at many of the fantastic cars that have participated over the years and how the face of WTAC has changed over the years. Check out some of the starts from the past with an illustrated section including each year’s winner plus a lap time sections with the top 5 five finishers in every single class since the first event.

This is an opportunity to own a part of Time Attack and Australian Motorsport history. It really is a NOT TO BE MISSED investment for any die hard time attack fan. As a bonus for anyone attending WTAC we will be having dedicated BOOK SIGNINGS at WTAC 2018 on both Friday and Saturday where you will have the one and only chance to have your copy signed by Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tarzan Yamada, Nob Taniguchi, Under Suzuki, Warren Luff, Garth Walden, and World Time Attack Challenge CEO and founder Ian Baker as well as many more.”

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

80R Volume 1: The Story of Japan’s Fastest Time Attack Drivers

When I started getting into Japanese cars there wasn’t a huge internet presence.  There were some websites and forums but the magazines are what we really waited for. Now that the internet has pretty much taken reign of all car related content, I find myself back to really wanting magazines (or any kind of print outlet) again. I feel like the recent little surge of print has got everyone a lot more excited. Everyone jumps on board to support pre-orders and almost instantly asks when a “vol. 2” is coming out. These new print outlets like Joey Lee’s, “When We Were Kings” book and 80R vol.1 are just two examples of what hopefully the future holds. As of now everyone is treating their print media as a little treasure. For most of us it is a treat and hopefully one that we can continue to have.

On to 80R vol 1.

My first impression when I got the package was, “damn this thing is heavy”. Once I opened it, I fully understood why. The magazine is obese with information. Driver profiles, vehicle specs and a plethora of amazing photos. 80R reminds me a lot of Hyper Rev Magazine(ハイパーレブ) but much more refine and modern. More than just a mods list, the mag goes into story like details and has a handful of amazing photos to go along with it.  174 pages packet with awesomeness. I anticipate there was enough interest in this magazine to put a vol. 2 in the works.

Direct from the Product Spotlight on NDF:

“80R was created as a way of documenting the people behind the niche sport of Japanese time attack.  It is the published result of years spent accumulating information, forming sincere relationships, and an earnest dedication to racing in Japan.  The celebrated racing driver, Nobuteru Taniguchi, was once quoted as saying that 80R was one of the most crucial corners at Tsukuba Circuit.  While that may be true, it is just one of the 12 that compose the entire course.  We are taking a similar approach to this new venture in print.  With 80R we don’t have the intention to comprehensively cover the sport, but to provide a new, archival way of sharing stories and images.  One that has yet to be explored for this type of racing.  Something physical, offline, and easy to reference.”



Now some photos.

Thank you Sean amazing work!

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

4th Annual West Coast Shootout Woodburn, Oregon

I went for a quick drive up to Woodburn, Oregon for the annual West Coast Shootout drag racing/ carshow event. As usual I spent more time socializing than actually shooting. There was hundreds of cars but I’m typically only drawn to a handful. One of those cars was Cole Marmon’s K-series (yes K-series) Turbo S2000. I followed the build online and was happy to finally see it in person. Towards the end of the day he seemed to be having car troubles but nevertheless the car was amazing to see. I spent most of my time in the pit area and didn’t really get a chance to go check out the car show. Sorry for the bad coverage. On to some photos of race stuff.

Mike Andrada with his 700hp K-series Ek coupe. This is an amazing streetcar that can win a carshow and go to the track and run a 10 second pass for fun. Very impressive to say the least. He’s also the first guy I’ve seen run Advan RG’s with M/T drag slicks. Proved to be an awesome setup.

James Kempf’s Honda Civic needs no introductions. This car is pretty much the fastest FWD Honda in the Milky Way Galaxy. As I was getting into my car to leave I saw the Civic making a pass. 7.80 AT 204mph, no big deal.

English Racing with the insanely fast EVO’s.

Jerimiah Styles brought out His Mugen fitted Integra GSR to come support his friends. This car never gets old to look at.

Korey Arnold also brought out His JDM RHD Honda Prelude.  I haven’t seen this car since last WEKFEST Seattle so it was great to finally hang out with it for a bit. Korey was kind enough to answer my million questions and listen to my excitement over JUN AUTO parts. He was also running the 1/4 mile at today’s event.

This rustic turbocharged Chevy truck was a head turner.

Maybe a part 2. soon

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

Hawaii Streetcar Showoff 2004, a nostalgic look.

Here’s a little nostalgic flashback of Hawaii’s most anticipated car show, “Hawaii Streetcar Showoff”. This show was a big deal for everyone. We would all prep our cars and schedule build completions around this thing. Debuts of new streetcars, showcars, racecars and everything else imaginable. Unfortunately I was only able to salvage a handful of photos from this show. Either way its nice to have at least some to reflect back on. Most of the older Hawaii generation will remember these cars and for the new generation, sorry you missed out. It was a great time for the Hawaii import scene.

On to some photos.

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

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