Caliber brake lines

Some much needed work on the CR-X has begun. For starters the front caliper brake lines were a bit too short for my liking so installing longer ones was in order. Since I haven’t taken the rims off since June I figured I would snap some photos of all the stuff in the wheel well. Here’s a couple answers to questions that some of you might have. I use all 3an Armid braided PTFE brake lines to the firewall in the engine bay. The hub/spindle set up is all 1991 CR-X si and the wheel studs are ARP. The Calipers are 4-Piston WILWOOD w/ WILWOD brake pads. The rotors are 11″ WILWOOD and the spacers are H&R 5mm. Also the suspension is APEXn1 made for ITR.

This wasn’t really a tutorial or anything just a little show and tell. After i finish up the loose end stuff with the brakes I will start working on the fuel system. There has been some stuff in that area that still need to be addressed. I will continue to try to post up more progress reports. Thanks for looking.

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

Joanna’s NSX pre SPOCOM Hawaii.

“The NSX itself is already a chassis that doesn’t really need any mods, but as car enthusiast we just can’t seem to stop tinkering with them.”

What we have here is just a handful of photos of Joanna’s beautifully executed 1992 (converted to 2002+) NSX

pre SPOCOM Hawaii. The event is in a week and she’s putting in some work to add some last minute goodies. Now that’s for another post, but for this one we will just show how it looked yesterday. The NSX itself is already a chassis that doesn’t really need any mods, but as car enthusiast we just can’t seem to stop tinkering with them. I can’t wait to see the new additions to the car even though it sits as timeless as ever right now.

All photos by @augustcascade_shaun (Shaun Manalo)

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

That grainy raw 35mm film set.

“There is no ‘one way only rule’ to shooting pictures. Do what you want, be creative and explore.”

It seems nowadays a lot of folks shooting digital are trying to make their photos look like film. With that almost dull, grainy 80’s look through a VCSO, ADOBE Lightroom or whatever filter. Personally I don’t think there is a “one way only rule” to shooting pictures. Do what you want, be creative and explore. They are your pictures so have fun with it. I own DSLR, Mirrorless and film cameras. All of them are great but by far the most challenging is the film. No looking back to see if the photo came out okay. If you’re unsure, you shoot another.  In the end, they all capture something and look uniquely different to each other.

This photo set was shot using my (1980’s) Minolta X-370 35mm Camera with a 45mm 1:2 Minolta ROKKOR-X lens and KODAK 400 DXn film. Now if you want that grainy/noisy look using a higher ISO (400 film) will do it. This also of course applies to the digital world. I didn’t particularly want that with these photos but this was the only film I had at the time.

This isn’t a tutorial so on to some photos. First here is a photo of the said camera I used for this set.

自動車の愛好家。/ the automotive life enthusiast.

The Chronicles Vol.1 :When We Were Kings

“This book is just the beginning of a movement back to print.”

Since the somewhat death of print, (especially automotive import related) there has been a serious loss of physical evidence of the not so distant past and current import scene. Yes there are a few magazines still in circulation, but we want more.  Sure we save photos on our mobile devices and computers but nothing beats having something you can actually hold in your own hand. Books like Joeys “Vol.1 When We Were Kings” are just a start, in my opinion, of the re-revolution to bring back more print. This book sold out like it was a new SUPREME hoodie. The result of that shows that it’s a great product and it’s in demand.  That demand is for more great visual interpretations of Sport Compact and its lifestyle on paper.

This book is nothing short of amazing. I am already in much anticipation of book #2.

Thank you Joey!

ImportChicks meet in Salem, Oregon

The #IMPORTCHICKS Summer fest in Salem, Oregon is an event that has been going on for a while now. These local events get everyone together which is great for the community of Imports and Automotive enthusiasts in general. Everything from Integra TypeR’s to Mercedes with Ford motor swaps. Bouncy houses, ear drum breaking base contests, Corvettes and food carts. It was all there. This event is neat and the boss Miranda Rodriguez does a great job. As the scene in the Pacific Northwest grows (which it certainly seems to be) this event is most likely going to get bigger and bigger. Here’s a few photos from the day. Although I brought my camera I usually spend too much time socializing and not enough time shooting.

@thatyellowek9 very nicely done 99 EK hatchback (with Miranda’s ITR). I believe it took home a Best of Show award this day. Interesting enough this show offered cash prizes along with an award, which is more rewarding in a sense than a huge mainstream show.

Devin Hosking @devin_oldskoolz is no stranger to any of the Pacific Northwest events. Whether it be at the racetrack, going to a meet or attending a show in Seattle.. His CR-X gets around. Ever evolving and now boasting a fully built motor with 700HP, this CR-X will have no problem passing the rich kids supercar at the track. Plans are in the works this winter for him to do a tear down and add just that much more to the car. It will be a good debut for 2019 with the car all refreshed.

Jerimiah Styles @miah_10 brought out his amazing GSR which has more Mugen parts than I can count. Every year he seems to be adding more and more rare or upgraded parts to his already immaculate DA.

On now to a few photos.

More of Jerimiah’s @miah_10 Integra. Big AP racing brake kit tucked nicely behind some Mugen M7’s. And of course the engine bay has too much to list. The Mugen Formula cover is enough on its own.

Devin’s CR-X nicely sitting on the ground.

Here’s that FORD motor swapped Mercedes. Looks completely stock until the hood is up. Pretty neat setup.

RPF1’s on a S2000 looking good.

Closing out with the Best of Show @thatyellowek9 and Jerimiah Styles “Mugen all over” Integra GSR.


This is the TEAMRICE.ORG photo shoot of the “original mocha” CR-X from 2003. All photos are by Justin Saiki and Lance Akagi, the creators the website.

I love looking at these old photos cause it brings me right back to that day every time.

After photos were done this day Justin and Lance wanted to shoot some video. That’s the video on YOUTUBE with the old Beastie Boys song and “you got a heavy foot” throughout. Too funny! These two are always fun too shoot with. Always laughing and trying to pretend that this car stuff was serious business. These guys created an amazing thing and something that I wish was still around. What an amazing time to be building cars in Hawaii.



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The simple idea of documenting the journey through words and photographs.

This site will pretty much be exclusively auto related content. Day to day(Car Build Updates), features, friends, collaborations, new relationships, events and probably lots of misc too. Hopefully you will enjoy the updates.

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